Wordfall in Lithuania

More than once!


Odoo • Image and Text

From the beginning

In second half of 2019, we were invited to the famous Sea Festival, which takes place in Klaipeda. For the first time in Lithuania, we presented the possibilities of a graphical waterfall, which aroused huge interest. Located in the center of the street, we made it possible to go across the platform through falling water paintings and gave the opportunity to create your own designs on the tablet. The graphical waterfall presented so well in a dedicated housing in the shape of a huge heart.

It is not over  

The success of putting up a graphical waterfall was so great that we recieved another order less than 3 months later. A similar package - a platform + tablet with drawing function appeared in Palanga in the concert hall, where a conference of insurance companies operating in Lithuania was held. Between lectures and stage attractions, participants could play, photograph and draw on our graphical waterfall. This time the machine appeared inside the building.

Great finish

Both the mass event from Klaipeda and the closed conference from Palanga were crowned with warm words from our satisfied clients. Their expectations of graphical waterfall were uncompromisingly met.

Check videos from both events

1. Klaipeda

2. Palanga