Interactive water wall for sale

The digital water walls are intended for permanent installations. We can deliver and install the device anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

The interactive water wall is a machine that has a large number of nozzles. They are placed in a row. The water flowing through the nozzles is electronically controlled. Water drops formed this way create falling images. Water circulates in a closed system. The water droplets that are created by the interactive water wall fall into a tank at the bottom. Then, the water is filtered and pumped back up.

The interactive water wall is delivered as a separate device without a hydraulic system. The hydraulic system is usually delivered by a local hydraulic company.

This product can be used to build permanent water displays only. It is not suitable for mobile installations.

Possible sizes

interactive water wall

The linear digital water wall consists of 1m long modules that can be assembled into one water wall of any length.

Circular (round or curved)
interactive water wall

It consists of shorter modules. They are 65cm long and can be assembled at a chosen angle to form a water wall of different shapes. The smallest angle between two modules is 135 degrees. This gives a variety of round or wavy shapes that can be obtained:

  • A circle with a diameter between 1,6m and 10m

  • A semi-circle

  • A Round corner

  • Other round shapes with the radius of curvature greater than 0,8m


Although the interactive water wall can be fixed at any height, the water images are visible best up to 8m below the device in windless conditions. The falling images can be distorted when falling from greater heights, or if exposed to wind.

The installation height does not influence the price of the digital water wall.

What can an interactive water wall display do?

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Operating the interactive water wall

The machine is operated using an android device (usually a tablet). It is used to upload programs (graphic files) and start and stop the machine.

Spectators can use the tablet with the android application to make any black and white drawings with their fingers.

After pressing the start button, the digital water wall stops printing the default program immediately to display the viewer-drawn shapes three times. Afterward, the machine returns to printing the default program.

Data transmission via Bluetooth with a range of about 15m.

The client can put it on a stand or hand it to service personnel.

Odoo • Text and Image



The platform is mounted on a water tank, and it allows the spectators to reach the other side of the digital water wall. It is equipped with sensors which turn off the flow of water above the spectators’ heads as soon as they enter. The platform and steps are made of grating covered with metal mesh. Thus, you can walk on them even in high heels.


A digital water wall with a swing consists of a swing equipped with sensors. The machine controls the water flow so that users don’t get wet. The swing should be between 3,5 and 5m high. If it’s higher, a person using the swing may need some assistance to start swinging. If the interactive water wall is installed outdoors, the spectators may become a bit wet if the wind blows the water drops towards them.

Anti-splash mats

To reduce water splashes it is recommended to cover the water tank with anti-splash mats. They can be delivered on request

DMX receiver

Synchronize the interactive water wall with music, lighting and connect it to other devices using the DMX512 protocol. This way you can turn on and off the digital water wall anytime, or switch between programs.


Please refer to our technical documentation for more details about the lighting possibilities. We can deliver top mounted LED lamps integrated with the machine as an option.

No-Drop System

The interactive water wall has a large number of nozzles. Some of them may slightly drip when closed (1 small water drop every 2-20 sec). This is a normal process and it does not affect the overall visual experience.

However, there may be situations which this is not desirable in:

  • In theatres where people perform under the digital water wall while it is not in use

  • When the tank is closed with a cover between shows

In these situations we recommend our clients to buy an additional accessory: the No-Drop System.

This system keeps the small drops from falling down when the water printer is turned off.

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