Installation requirements and conditions

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Sales terms and conditions

Please read the general terms and conditions that apply to all sales

Payment conditions

  • 30% of the order amount to confirm the order

  • 50% of the order amount 2 weeks before the assembly

  • 20% of the order amount 1 week after the assembly


  • -5% if ordered over 80 days before the expected delivery date

  • -10% if ordered over 160 days before the expected delivery date

  • -15% if ordered over 240 days before the expected delivery date


The digital water curtain is delivered Ex Works. It means that all transportation costs and travel expenses during the first installation and later servicing must be covered by the client.

The client takes responsibility to pay for the shipment, the local taxes and duties, and for any additional documentation (eg. ATA carnet) that is demanded by the law or the authorities at the destination.

If the installation is in Europe we may offer shipment as an optional service.

Delivered products and services

  • Digital water curtain set

  • Control system + programming

  • Tablet to operate the digital water curtain

  • 5-day assembly and testing done by 2 technicians

  • 1-year guarantee (extended for a fee)

Optional products and services

The products and services that are offered at additional cost

  • Shipment to European countries

  • No-drop system

  • Android app to draw pictures with finger

  • Water swing system

  • Platform with sensors

  • LED lighting attached to printing modules

  • Ceiling mounts with winches

  • DMX512 receiver

  • Anti-splash mats

  • Extra assembly days (over 5 days)

Installation site requirements

The digital water curtain can be installed if the place of the installation fulfils all the technical requirements mentioned in the Technical Specification that is available on request. The following elements should be delivered by the client:

  • Hydraulic system (pipes, pump, water treatment) according to the specification

  • Water tank (trough)

  • Lighting (if not ordered from us)

  • Shipment (if not ordered from us)

  • Transportation for our technicians (if shipment not ordered from us)

  • Accommodation for our technicians

  • Custom duties and taxes

  • A lift or a ladder (if lower than 4m) for technicians to access the mounting place

The machine is fixed using metal ceiling mounts with winches. It is sent to the client in advance and it should be permanently bolted in a desired position before the installation. Its documentation is sent on request.

The best visibility of water images is obtained against a dark background.

In order to reduce water splashes the water tank should be covered with splash reducing mats. They can be delivered on request.

Under normal conditions, the falling water will not spray out of the tank noticeably. However, it cannot be ruled out that water will wet the floor as a result of: wind, spectators touching streams of water, during assembly and disassembly.

The digital water curtain is rainproof but it cannot work during a storm.

Winds over 7 knots (3 on the Beaufort scale) can deform falling images and cause water to fall outside the tank or wet people nearby. To reduce the risk of wind it is worth to: place the digital water curtain in front of a wall or artificial background, protected against the wind, put the machine sideways to the wind, not to place the machine in constrictions, e.g. between buildings, where the wind increases.


It usually takes 5 consecutive days to install and test the digital water curtain:

  • The machine is assembled on the ground below the ceiling mounts.

  • The winches are connected to the ceiling mounts and the machine

  • The machine is raised

  • Our technicians use ladders or a lift to fix the machine to the ceiling mounts and connect cables and pipes

  • The digital water curtain is programmed and tested. The hydraulic installation has to be operational

Before the installation, all the technical requirements must be fulfilled. During the installation there must be a possibility to run the pump, and the tank must be filled with water. During that time our technicians should have a free access to the machine and the ground below it. They should have a possibility to run and test it for least 5 hours per day.

The client should precise the work schedule in advance and should inform about all the safety requirements (like obligatory Personal Protective Equipment) and the obligatory permissions at the place of installation.

Our insurance does not allow our technicians to perform activities other than work with the equipment we provide. In particular:

  • They may not assemble or disassemble the machine housing and its surroundings supplied by the client.

  • They may not perform any plumbing or electrical work

  • They may not drill holes and use anchor bolts in order to fix the ceiling mounts

When the installation is complete, our technicians will provide information on machine operation and maintenance to a person designated by the client.

Additional fees

If the installation site requirements are not met, the installation may be postponed or prolonged until all the problems are resolved by the client. In this case an extra assembly day fee is charged for each additional assembly day.

Annual Maintenance and Guarantee Extension Fee

We guarantee the proper operation of the digital water curtains. The guarantee is not limited in time.

In order to keep the digital water curtain operational, the client has to pay a Maintenance and Guarantee Extension Fee for the machine and its accessories.

The Maintenance and Guarantee Extension Fee is paid annually.

Maintenance and Guarantee Extension Fee is not paid for the first year of operation. It is paid by the client starting from the second year of operation.

The fee should be paid before the expiration date. Otherwise the digital water curtain may be electronically blocked until the settlement of the payment.

A document with the guarantee terms and conditions is provided on demand.

Advantages of Endless Guarantee

The digital water curtain is a product of high complexity. Its fast-moving parts may wear out. In order to give our clients, the highest possible experience we developed custom-made valves that are even 6 times more durable than the ones used by our competitors.

Competitive digital water curtain systems may have a very limited lifespan. After some time, the machines may deteriorate and deliver a negative experience to the spectators. Owners of those systems are exposed to very high reparation or maintenance costs after the expiration of the guarantee. Competitive digital water curtain systems are usually proprietary systems that may be repaired only by the manufacturer. This usually makes the servicing costs exceptionally high. The cost may be as high as replacing the whole machine.

In order to keep our clients satisfied we decided to greatly reduce the initial cost of our machines, and introduce a small annual fee.

The initial cost of our digital water curtain is lower by about 40-50 % than the competitive solutions.

The fee is below 3 EUR/day per water printing module.

Our clients are happy to avoid unexpected costs in the future and appreciate the transparency of our offer. They are glad to receive the highest quality and everlasting product that impresses even after years of operation.

Maintenance and servicing

The installation has to be inspected every 3 years.

In an unlikely case of malfunction, we will ask the client to designate a person to carry some simple servicing tasks. Examples of those tasks are mentioned in the Technical Specification. Those actions are aimed to fix the problem or find the source of malfunction before our arrival.

All maintenance and service works and any spare parts are covered by the guarantee. However, the client has to cover any shipping costs for the spare parts and transportation and accommodation costs for our technicians.