What can a digital waterfall display?

A digital waterfall can print any graphics, logos or texts prepared in black and white graphic files (.png). Shades of grey cannot be displayed.

The wider the water wall, the greater the resolution of image that can be printed. 

A digital waterfall reads a graphic file and prints 100 horizontal lines per second.

Round or curved digital waterfall

A digital waterfall that is used for round or curved installations consists of modules that are 65cm long. Each module has 40 vertical water streams (vertical lines).
This means that to prepare a 10-minute show for a round digital waterfall which consists of 16 printing modules and has
a diameter of 3m you need to prepare a black and white file sized: 640 x 60,000 pixels (16 modules x 40 vertical lines and 600 seconds x 100 horizontal lines).

Straight digital waterfall

There are 80 vertical water streams (vertical lines) for each meter of waterfall lenght.
This means that to prepare a 10-minute show for 3m long digital waterfall, you need to prepare a black and white file sized:
240 x 60,000 pixels (3m x 80vertical lines and 600seconds x 100 horizontal lines).


In order to get maximum readability, standard letters should not be narrower than 45 px. This means that a digital waterfall that has 3m can display words that have up to 5 wide letters. A digital waterfall can print longer words vertically letter by letter.


A words should be stretched to cover the whole width of a digital waterfall.
The letters printed by a digital waterfall should be 60 px hight and the vertical space between two words or letters should be around 40 px.


Please remember that all images are prinetd starting from the bottom. Words and letters at the bottom of the images are printed first.

Looking for an inspiration?

Download sample images: