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How does it work?

The water treatment plant is a system intended to pump water into a water structure and control its quality. It is composed of, among other things:

  • a pump

  • water tanks

  • other devices ensuring that the water is pure

It may be necessary to carry out the following actions when using a water structure: 

  • Refilling water that was lost due to evaporation or splashing

  • Cleaning the filter

  • Adding preparations that ensure the water is in proper condition

  • Turning the pump on and off 

These actions can be performed manually (e.g. once every few days) or automatically.

A fully automated treatment plant is recommended for larger installations. 

Technical room - requirements and dimensions

The water treatment plant is installed in a technical room, near the water structure.

The technical room must be adequately prepared by the client before the installation can take place. It should be equipped with:

  • Water connection capable of filling the tanks in 8h.

  • Water discharge

  • Pipe connecting the technical room to the machine

  • Return pipe, connecting the machine to the technical room

  • Electrical connection

  • Lighting

  • An entrance allowing to place devices and water tanks inside 

The technical room dimensions depend on the size of the whole installation and the degree of automation. 1 m3 is enough for smaller installations and those operated completely by hand. If the installation is larger, a room with floor area of more than 15 m2 may be necessary.

The technical room should be located possibly close to the operated machine and below the water through tank.

Ask us for technical documentation to check the exact dimensions of the technical room.

Obligatory elements

  • Water filter - it purifies the water before it gets to the machine. There are 3 types of filters:

    • Automatic filtering station - it provides automatic cleaning of filters controlled with a special controller

    • Semi-automatic filtering station - the filter is cleaned by moving a crank

    • Manual filtering station - each filter must be cleaned manually

  • Water tanks - they store enough water for the water structure to work The number of tanks needed for the water structure to operate properly depends on its size and the dimensions of the water through used in the project. In the case of using a large and capacious through, no tanks are required.

  • Water pump 

Optional elements

  • Automatic pH/redox dosing and measuring machine - a device for keeping PH and chlorine in water at an appropriate level

  • Automatic flocculant dosing machine - thanks to the flocculation phenomenon small impurities merge into larger ones. This process makes the water filtration more effective

  • Water softener - this device is active while adding fresh water to the tank. Recommended when water hardness on site is significant. 

  • Automatic water refilling system - the system refills water lost due to splashing outside the through or evaporating 

  • Wind protection - a wind speed measuring station used in outdoor installations. It turns the machine off when the wind splashes the water out of the through.

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